Every weekend I try to curate a post or two loosely categorized under Humans & Networks.

This post from Aeon is about not knowing our place in the networks we’re embedded in and rely upon rather than coming to understand our place in them and about what sort of price we pay for that ignorance. Also, here the networks are material not digital, for a change of pace.

Are you sitting comfortably? If so, how much do you know about the chair that’s holding you off the ground – what it’s made from, and what its production process looked like? Where it was made, and by whom? Or go deeper: how were the materials used to make the chair extracted from the planet? Most people will find it difficult to answer these basic questions. The object cradling your body remains, in many ways, mysterious to you. Quite probably, you are surrounded by many things of which you know next to nothing – among them, the device on […]


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