Jetpack now offers a feature that lists the last 20 events on a site. To see everything however you need to upgrade to a paid plan which, to be fair, offers a lot more than just expanded activity logs.

WPShout helpfully explains how to use and benefit from a much more comprehensive activity log plugin called WP Security Audit Log. The basics  of the plugin are probably good enough for most users but the premium version might appeal strongly to security pros and site admins, particularly those managing many users. One

In the Quick Guide we’ll use WP Security Audit Log to keep an activity log of what’s happening on our WordPress site. Activity logs are a chronological list of records of what logged in users did on your WordPress sites and multisite networks. A WordPress activity log a vital part of site security and management because in them, you can find a user log full of information about user logins—from where they logged in and when, what content they have created, published, modified and deleted, what user profile and WordPress settings changes other administrators have done, and much more. […]


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