Not to be cruel or anything but the English in this interesting post is, well, weird and awkward (I have no idea what this means, for example: “So, if you are looking to develop a website which can define the motive of the user”) and I’m not a big fan of headings as links to external sites, either. The text color could easily be mistaken as a characteristic of headings rather than links.

Regardless, I was unfamiliar with 9 out of 10 of these frameworks so that’s a good score no matter how you grade it.

Note: Torque Mag is produced by WP Engine, the Network’s new recommendation for high-demand WordPress hosting.

There are multiple ways in which WordPress allows users to work on site themes. It is completely a developer’s choice to scratch the code or go for the ready-made framework of WordPress themes. Though frameworks are great in making the entire process of designing smooth, different developers have different needs. Here we present a list of some amazing WordPress theme frameworks which you can go through for finding the best which is perfect for your individual requirements. The first contender in our top 10 list is an open source tool featured by Bootstrap is Cherry framework By Templatemonster which […]


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