What is the WordPress Curated Network?

The Network homepage gathers WordPress news, views, opinions, reviews, resources, repos, guides, tutorials, and everything interesting related to WordPress web design and development.

Think of it as a human-curated mega-RSS-feed for WordPress news. I encourage you to subscribe to the feed using your favorite RSS feed reader, such as Feedly or feeder.

The Network also connects WordPress designers, developers, users, and fans. Please join us for free! Consider it a small-scale, modest WordPress social network.

The WordPress Curated Network is a side project of Fascinating Monsters by Rick Powell.

Fascinating Monsters is a WordPress sitecare and site-building collective.

Rick, FM’s director, has been a WordPress fanatic for years and enjoys sharing what he discovers here on the Network and on Twitter.

Rick believes we can gain insight and inspiration from anywhere, so he’ll be sharing the art and print design he loves, as well.

What else do you have planned for The Network?

  • Give special deals and discounts for members on WordPress products
  • Give out free WordPress stuff
  • Create the definitive WordPress directory


Have any suggestions?

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