Gutenberg is so important there’s a website and blog devoted to it. New one on me.

Found this in the WordPress for Non-profits Facebook group. I really hate Facebook groups, by the way, and wish I could replace all the groups I’m a member of with just a standard forum not run by a douchebag.

But I digress, so here’s a valuable list of Gutenberg resources.

What do you think of the site, The Gutenberg Times? Let us know in the comments.

There has been an increase in developer resources around Gutenberg. We collected quite a few here. We’ll update along the way. If you found one that’s not listed, let us know in the comments. Disclaimer: Nowadays it’s hard to make a clear distinction between a designer and a developer when it comes to the work as a creative on the web. For the purpose of increased readability of this article, I use developer including anyone who deals with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP on front end and back end. Table of Contents Free and Low Cost Courses Gutenberg Documentation […]


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