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WPKube: How To Add A Cookie Consent Notification In WordPress

You should create a section in your website’s privacy policy page to describe how you’re using cookies and what kind of data you’re collecting along with providing a cookie consent form. This is especially important if you’re utilizing third-party or native advertising. And it will help you avoid getting into trouble and make your website more GDPR-friendly.

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CodeinWP: The history of WooCommerce

CodeinWP: WooCommerce is the biggest, baddest, most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, which, by extension, also makes it the most popular e-commerce platform of them all. But how did the journey begin? Was WooCommerce always the top dog right from day one?

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WPCrafter: The Future Of WordPress – Interview With Matt Mullenweg

A first for this channel, an interview with none other then Matt Mullenweg, the co-founding developer of WordPress and the founder of Automattic. In this candid conversation, we talk about: The future of WordPress, The new content editor Gutenberg, Why WordPress needed a new content editing experience, What this means for page builders, What to expect at the 2018 WordCamp US

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Kinsta: 10 Ways to Integrate and Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress

Kinsta: In the past, YouTube video embeds took a little creativity or extra plugins on WordPress. However, that’s changed since the WordPress 2.9 release. In fact, you can embed YouTube in WordPress without much more than the YouTube link. However, you might want to get more clever with your integrations by creating galleries, inserting your entire YouTube page, or curating a list of videos from other creators. With these unique YouTube options, you’re able to stand out from the regular video embeds and offer a more unique experience for your users.

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NN/g: The Mobile Checkout Experience

NN/g Summary: Optimize the checkout experience on mobile ecommerce channels by taking into account the strengths and limitations of mobile devices. Aim to minimize the number of steps and typing, and take advantage of capabilities such as geolocation and the camera.

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WPMU DEV: The Ultimate Mega Guide to Using Video With WordPress

Featuring video on your site can be a powerful way to show – and not just tell – visitors what your site is all about. In this definitive guide, we go through everything you need to know about video, from technical details on aspect ratios and codecs, though to self-hosted versus hosted videos, encoding videos for multiple devices, and getting started uploading videos to your WordPress site.

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